Flow with your breath, release tight muscles, and find the power of body, mind, and soul in this creative sequence of movement. Heated 100°-105°


Feel the beat, strengthen muscles, and improve core to achieve a full body workout through cardio and optional free weights. Heated 100°-105°


Ground your body, listen to your breath, set an intention, and become present in this guided meditation class. Unheated

MY prenatal

Movements, poses, and postures safe for you and your baby. As a mommy-to-be it’s your time to unwind. Unheated


Connect to the center of your strength with this intentional combination of challenging mat-based core work and the movement of the MY hot flow. Heated

MY Bands

A full body workout using a variety of resistance bands in order to achieve muscle gain, strength, and fat loss all in a high intensity workout. Heated 90°